5 Tips for Buying a Vintage Home.

Before You Buy...

Mid-century modern homes can be an amazing purchase. They tend to have unique design characteristic and bigger lots. Most are pieces of art in their aesthetics. Remember, you are not buying a new home. Approaching 50 – 70 years old, there will be issues. Inspections are important. Here are a few things to consider.

The Big Stuff

1.     New Wiring and Plumbing – Don’t be fooled by new plugs and faucets. Make sure the wiring and plumbing inside the walls has been replaced. Check the electric panel to ensure breakers are in good condition.

2.     Sewer Condition – Ask if a camera has been put through the sewer pipe to look for ingrown tree roots, damaged pipes, or other obstructions. Just because there is not a big tree in the yard today doesn’t mean the big one cut down during renovation hasn’t left a surprise for you in the ground. Replacing your sewer line can cost thousands.

3.     Pools – Getting a pool inspection by a professional is a smart investment. Things happen after many years. Be sure your pool is in good condition.

The Other Big Stuff!

4.     Energy Efficient Windows – Vintage homes often have a single pane of glass for windows. Replacing with multi-pane energy efficient windows can save you hundreds on heating and cooling.

5.     Use a Real Estate Expert – Real estate experts will know the neighborhood and history on the home. Most mid-century homes are in neighborhoods with no homeowner’s association (HOA). Beware of cosmetic flips that have not included a thoughtful renovation. Having a professional agent can help you navigate the process to make an informed decision.

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